AFH Salon, a salon for generations, invites you to follow us on our journey “thoughts from a stylist/perspective from behind the chair”.

Over the course of many years I dreamt and planned on how AFH Salon would come together. The vision always started with a team that treated each other like family.  An environment of positivity and encouragement where creativity could flourish. As my plan continued to grow, it was important to me for people to have a safe place where our guests could be vulnerable with their personal beauty goals. AFH would meet people where they are in any season of their life. AFH would be the place to have your wedding style created, your baby’s first haircut or transition through an illness. Lastly on the journey to opening, I realized the importance of being part of the local community. Madison Valley is a beautiful, urban suburb, with great parking and walkability. I chose this neighborhood based on the need for a salon of our caliber and the number of small businesses we are surrounded by. These mostly women owned businesses, have welcomed AFH into the community by collaborating on charity events, client appreciation events and referring to each other.  I knew our salon and exclusive Italian products would be well received and appreciated in the valley.

Here’s what you can expect from “thoughts from behind the chair.” AFH’s stylists and even the salon coordinators will have an opportunity to sound off on trends, tricks and their individual perspectives.

AFH is a salon where creativity and passion drives us!

As AFH continues to grow and cultivate this culture, I thank you for being part of our ongoing success.

Annie Fisher

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