Have an Up-DO not an Up-DON’T!

My name is Danaelle Bell and I’m a stylist at AFH Salon in Madison Valley. As a hair stylist, I’m fairly well educated about all things hair. I’ve spent quite a bit of time (1600 hours of cosmetology school and about 1000 hours (so far) for advanced training, if you want to get specific). I’m deeply committed to my craft and passionate about constantly challenging myself to be a better stylist every day. I view every client that sits in my chair as an opportunity to push myself to grow; every situation is unique and presents a way for me to further my skill.

hairs3My very favorite thing to do, behind the chair, for photo-shoots, and runway are up-dos. They are 3D sculpting. They are hard. They can be beautiful. They can be simple. They can be elaborate. They make me incredibly happy. It really is a form of art for me.

The other component of styling, and the professional reason as to why I’m hooked, is the when and why someone might get a special occasion style. Being a part of an event, whether it’s prom, a wedding, or a super fancy big deal event is an honor and a privilege. In my experience, having a trusted stylist that understands me and can really take care of me and my hair is so valuable – especially on an important day. Not having to stress about one more detail, and know that my hair will look awesome is a relief.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty. Here is my comprehensive do and don’t list for a professional style. (I have mad love for my DIYers, I’ll get to you in the next section!)

1. Get pictures, be prepared. Pictures are a great tool and helps the communication. They can be of styles you like or don’t like. If you have a ballpark idea of what you want and an open mind, you will be much happier with the end result.

2. Get a consultation. This is a free 15-minute block to go over your event with your stylist. Time to cover the when/how/why/where and talk about what you want, what you can actually do and if your normal stylist can perform this service, or if you need to see someone special. Make sure to communicate important info (what you’re wearing, if it needs to look awesome for 12+ hours, if you’ll be dancing, etc.) and be clear about everything. It’s important you vibe with the stylist you’re inviting in to share in your big day!

3. If it’s a big event like your wedding, ask for a bid. Don’t forget about bridesmaids, MOBs and flower girls! This is a great way to plan your budget and make sure you get the wedding day experience you want. Avoid price gouging and arguments with your trusted salon professional!

haIrs24. Get a trial on the books. This is worth every penny and you will be so glad you did this often missed and vital step! The time to re-do, re-affirm, and be confident is in the trial appointment. This allows you to sit back and relax on your big day and know this is handled.

5. Getting prepared for the service – from head to toe!
A) Clothing (a button up or zip up shirt with the undergarments you will wear at the event or a camisole)
B) Wash and dry your hair the night before, perfect updo hair is moderately clean, free of product, detangled and dry.

6. Enjoy your service and take a second to shut out the world. Relax! Let us take care of you! The text messages, emails, calls and craziness will all be there after your appointment.


1. Have unrealistic expectations of your hair. We are trained professionals and we will make your hair amazing, but we are not magicians. Have an open mind, and trust us to make you the best YOU!

2. Get your hair done too far in advance. It may seem logical to get your hair done in the morning, then go run a bunch of errands, then get dressed and go to your gala, but your hair will not thank you.

3. Put too much pressure on your hair. You are awesome, your hair is awesome, and your event is gonna be awesome. Just relax and enjoy your awesome life!

I hope that makes navigating the salon easy and that you have an amazing experience getting your hair done.hairs4

Hey girl, I hear you’re a Pinterest expert level 5, you whip your hair back and forth, and wield your curling irons like a pro! Don’t worry, I have some wisdom for you, too! I love doing my own hair for more casual events, and here are some of my tips and tricks, if you’re looking to become crafty(ier) with your locks:

1. Research. Check out the trends for tresses. Use lots of sources. Be able to identify your hair type and texture.

2. Practice. Don’t expect to be able to do anything perfectly the first time. If you’ve got a hot date, or an interview, go with a tried and true style just like you would for your outfit.

3. Get creative. Don’t be afraid of trying that new crazy tool or tutorial that you saw on AFH’s Facebook page!

Now…go forth and have a great hair day!

Danaelle Bell

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