“I don’t know what to do with my hair today” Hairstyle


With the weather getting hotter, and my hair longer, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to put it up.  At the same time, I’m sick and tired of the simple ponytail and the dreaded sock bun (rest in peace).  Below is a step-by-step guide in achieving this textured messy bun. The braid in front is perfect for getting bangs or layers secured and adding some flair to an otherwise simple hairdo.

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Products used:

-BY Framesi Volcanic Wax
-BY Framesi Mist Hairspray Light (Pearl)
-BY Framesi SO Stiff Spray
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties (2)
-Rattail comb
-Blow dryer (optional)

 Brush it out!




Brush out your hair. Blow dry if needed (yes, dry your dry hair).  This will move around the oils you naturally produce and help direct the hair away from your face.









Separate the top section of hair that will be braided.  Using your fingers, trace a line from your brow arc stopping right before the top of your head.

Ponytail the rest of the hair back to keep it separated while you braid.












The top section can be braided however you like. I chose to do a Dutch braid (inside out, visible, cornrow, whatever the hip people call it). Braid down and fasten, keeping in mind we will be “messing up” the braid, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.










Begin pulling the sides of the braid to make it bigger and more textured. I like to start at the front and work my way back.









I like to use BY Volcanic Wax to smooth those pesky baby hairs, add some texture, and for the matte finish (I don’t need any more help in the shine department with my third day hair). Using the wax, smooth and tuck baby hairs, and add texture to the braid.










Now form the ponytail, combing back with your fingers and keeping the braid out for now.
Make sure to look at the ponytail height from the front and side. Imagine drawing a diagonal line from your chin to the top of your ponytail, this will help elongate the neck and create a beautiful line from the side.





Secure the ponytail without the braid. If you have shorter hair, the pieces in the back might not reach the ponytail – we’ll deal with these later.  Tighten from the underside of the ponytail instead of from the top to keep it from moving down.









I have super straight, thick hair, so I use BY Pearl Light Hairspray to add grit and flexible hold to my ponytail.
[A quick note on this hairspray: it’s the bomb. Use it as a heat protectant before hot tools, to smooth down hairs, or to add texture to finish a style.] Okay, back to the ponytail. Once it’s sprayed, take a rattail comb and begin teasing the hair in sections. Again, the goal is to add some texture, so tease the whole hair strand instead of just the root (avoid the “bump it” look circa 2009).





Wrap the braid around the ponytail and form the bun with your fingers.  Secure with a rubberband. Feel free to tuck in or pull out sections so the bun is balanced and full.












Now, if you’re like me, you probably have some hairs hanging down in the back at this point – and maybe they resemble a rattail. Shake your head so all of the short hairs fall down.  Take some BY Volcanic Wax and twist hairs up toward the bun. Use bobby pins to secure.









Finish with BY So Stiff Hairspray so things stay put.





th end

And now you know what to do with your hair today! 😉


Kelsey Knutson
AFH Salon Stylist

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