NWHA 2017

The NorthWest Hairstylist Awards of 2017

AFH Salon: Spain


Some of the AFH team and stylist, Kim Brooks

This year, we celebrated the 4th annual fashion show for The NorthWest Hairstyling Awards down in Soho, Seattle WA. The show has been held every year in coming together to honor and give recognition to talented and eye-catching hair stylists from the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The AFH team was excited to not only have our very own owner and full-time stylist, Annie Fisher as a nominee for Master Hairstylist of the Year, but as well as our fellow beloved hair stylist and new mother, Theresa Leon being nominated for Avant-Garde Hairstylist of the Year.

And you can’t even imagine how ecstatic we were when not one, but both of our fabulous team members took home both awards for the night!

The award show has created a space to allow artists from the greater city areas of these Northwest states and appreciate all works of talent from photography, make up artists, fashion designers, models and hair dressers. While only a select few are nominated for the award aspect of the show, the salons who represent those are amongst the candidates are chosen to participate in the fashion show and given the outlet to create a hair style for a particular theme. The theme this year was “Countries Around the World,” to which AFH was thrilled to be honoring the strength, beauty and culture that is Spain. 


Collaborated work of Theresa Leon and Kennedy Trisler 



Lorenzo Sumera’s Spanish Renaissance look 











Each stylist of the salon was given the opportunity to branch out of their bubble and create their very own look for the show. From traditional, Flamenco, ancient warrior, royalty, Matador and celebrating the looks of infamous holiday Day of the Dead, the team show up and showed out for this years theme.

Many talented and generous collaborators helped out this year in bringing each stylists vision to life. During the day of preparation, Kendall Cooprider, Cass Bledsoe and Erin Roussell did a fantastic job of make up for each model. Kim Brooks, executed the wardrobe lovely, as always, and captured the essences of Spain through modern, chic clothing from brands such as, Nasty Gal, Lunaversoul Jewelry, Julie Danforth, etc. The salon was even able to work with new and returning models for this year show, including Osheea Davis, Michelle Green, Nancy Casciano and more.

Months prior to the event, our team prepared and practiced their looks outside of the salon. Some of them working together or solely to make their imaginations and vision come to life. One of the many looks done for the night was mastered by Theresa Leon (nominee and winner of the Avant-Garde award) and our newest full-time stylist, Kennedy Trisler. For their collaborative look, the two went for a masculine, yet soft Matador look, creating a feminine, sexy and powerful feel to the female Matador. A sleek ponytail, Spanish Rosary as an accent piece, and an athletic, casual yet high fashion outfit meshed perfectly and honored their theme choice with a simple but striking look that embodied the Spanish woman.



Jeremy Abraham’s traditional Spanish look

Lorenzo Sumera, senior stylist and a Framesi color educator went for a royal Spanish look for this years fashion show. Since there is no longer any running royalty lineage in the modern world of today, Lorenzo had to gain inspiration from historical depictions of their once royal aesthetic. “I gathered inspiration from The Spanish Royals during the Renaissance era. They would use a lot of wraps to embellished their braids – I kept it simple and modern, using make-up and specific clothing to honor the Renaissance time with a twist of the modern woman.”

For AFH’s “Day of the Dead” look, contrast was key in creating this venturous, beautiful holiday costume. This came to be by playing with the texture, clean shapes and customizing the placement of the flowers within the hair – it all tied together with two applications of the traditional make-up and a black dress that mimicked fake black roses to honor the Spanish theme.



 “Day of the Dead” 

But the electric wave of creativity and inspiration did not stop there, and each one of our stylists took the fashion show by storm. It was such a humbling and adrenaline of thankfulness to be a part of not only a wonderful moment in appreciation for talent, but to also be amongst a group of gifted hairstylists.

Katie Ward, Salon Coordinator

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