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Master Hairstylist of 2017:

Annie Fisher




It has been a world wind of fun, talent and honor these past few months for the AFH team and our very own, Annie Fisher! After taking home the award of Master Hairstylist of the year – we can only expect so much more success to come.

As many of you may know, Annie is a full-time stylist and owner of AFH Salon, located in the quant center of Madison Valley in Seattle, WA. The win for her was well expected after being nominated for the award 3 years in a row and our team couldn’t be more proud. 

This year of the 4th annual NorthWest Hairstyling Awards to honor hairstylists, make up artists, fashion designers, models and photographers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Salons around the greater city areas of these states are chosen to participate and come together in celebration through hair show competition and fashion show.


IMG_0562 (1)






For this year, Fisher went 3 different models with a cohesive theme of:  beauty- strength- and a monochromatic palette. Embodying the vibe  of the Game of Thrones character, Khaleesi.


IMG_0561                               IMG_0560



After creating each look on her own with both cut and color for all 3 of the model’s hairs, it was easy to recruit who was to join her on set. Joining her on the set for her pieces, Annie was able to collaborate with long time business and close friends with James Chang for photography, Kim Brooks on wardrobes, and Cass Bledsoe completing the look with make-up. Locals models featured in Fisher’s looks were Erika, Anya and Hayley. Fisher was even welcomed by her daughter, Taelor helping as a set assistant and followed by another of our own full-time stylist, Kennedy Trisler.

“I am so grateful for the industry friends who collaborated with me to help make my vision come to life.” Annie Fisher




IMG_3727 IMG_3749

Each hair piece was finished before the day of shooting and with outfit choice and make up, Fisher was able to make her visions comes to life. Not only creating each look, she also worked alongside the directing of what she envisioned for each photo and collaborated with each stylist.


Without the help and support of colleagues, friends and clients, this journey wouldn’t of been half as fun and challenging as it came. Taking the time out of her busy schedule of both running and working at the salon, Annie was able to channel her creative energy and gracefully complete all the looks in one day.






Katie Ward, AFH Salon Coordinator

Hair Color Trends + Techniques

photo_1 (1)In recent years, the popular ombré and balayage hair color trends have taken the hair industry by storm. It’s my opinion Seattle won’t be letting go of these trendy techniques any time soon due to how low maintenance they are. The grow out is very natural and allows you to go longer in between visits. It has been a great way for ladies who get their gray hair covered regularly to add highlights and dimension. In the theme of low maintenance, the newest hair trend is Ecaille (pronounced aye-kai-ye). Ecaille is French for the word “tortoiseshell.”

These are differences between the ombré, balayage, and ecaille hair color looks: the ombré (left) look usually leaves clients with darker roots, transitioning into a medium tone in the mid-shaft of the hair and then into the ends being the lightest of the colors. True ombré has a seamless transition of these from scalp to ends.photo_2

The balayage (right) look is a more natural highlighted look. A sun-kissed look that can mimic the streaks you would get in your hair when you played outside as a child. Balayage is application of highlighting with a free hand painting technique.

photo_3Ecaille (left) on the other hand offers face-framing highlighted pieces in the front, with softer, lighter shaded pieces all around the hairs mid-shaft and ends. No streaks or obvious highlighted pieces more a sheet of lighter tones. The ecaille look also focuses on amber, brown, warm blonde, and honey tones which are similar to a tortoiseshell–hence its name! Similar to the balayage and ombre looks, ecaille is also in the low maintenance family.

I love sharing trends with you! What I love even more is recommending looks that will help you maintain a current look while embracing your classic individual beauty. Chat with your AFH Stylist to see what changes or additions to your color is best for you!

Stay tuned for the Spring/Summer trend write up!

-Annie Fisher

*thanks to Google for the pictures of these low maintenance high impact hair color trends.