The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed and are worth a look!


In case you missed it, Kylie and Kim are collaborating on some new lipsticks. Some people are just plain excited and some people think it looks like bacon.

In case you’re trying to get your bath on but are tiring of LUSH’s scents (and are maybe overwhelmed by the hundreds of indie brands), Bath & Body Works is releasing bath bombs!

Ooh, take a peek at MAC’s Summer 2017 launch, Fruity Juicy (spoiler: it’s bright and covered in flowers)

Have you been neglecting Sephora’s own in-house cosmetic range? Stop! Here’s the best of the best!

Think you’ve seen every braid? Think again! This is some serious hair inspiration.

Our very own Jeremy Todd Abraham is featured on!

You could get your hair cut by a man with an axe. I’m not sure we recommend it but…you could.

Man bangs: are they the new thing or…have they always been there?!

So, you’ve been thinking about rose gold hair. But can you do it? Should  you do it? Well, see if any of these takes on the color wins you over.

Speaking of rose gold, “millenial pink is still having a moment.


Beauty brands, incubators, and accelerators: learn all about ’em.

The huge rise in Muslim vloggers and bloggers is fascinating and beautiful.


ESPRIT is so hot right now and if you’re looking for some pastels, well…get ready for this collection.

Here are some videos of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend acting out scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. We just want to be besties with both of them.

Some upcoming fashion brands you might want to get into so you can impress all your friends with how chic you are!

The Met Gala is coming up on May 1st. Here’s a look back at some Crazy with-a-capital-C outfits from past Galas

The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; really just all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed!


Celebs are loving going blonde and buzzing their hair

Natural hair is seriously having a moment and here are some gorgeous looks fresh from Coachella!

Need a giggle? We’re loving these uh…tutorials from Caroline Solomon (@lowcheekbones)!

We’re not saying Zendaya should give up her day job but she could totally do hair.

Coachella is bringing it this year with hair and makeup.

Over matte lips? Never into matte lips? Good news: metallic lips are all systems go and here are the best one’s according to Elle!

So what is Sephora’s best selling lipstick?

AFH highlight: this grey/ultra cool blonde before and after by Annie.

Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale ditched her textured bob and it looks goooood.

Bored of your Instagram feed or just wanting to up your game by following some more stylists? Jen Atkin has you covered.

If you’re looking for some spring + summer inspiration, look no further than L.A. for what cuts + colors are trending now.

Sephora is dropping the Urban Decay x Jean-Michele Basquiat collection a day early (just in time for the VIB sale!)


One of the original beauty bloggers, Michelle Phan, is back with an interview about her cosmetics line relaunch!

Rihanna’s busy auditioning artists for her new Fenty makeup line.

Feeling a little creepy? Check out this interview with L.A. mortician Amber Carvaly about embalming, makeup, skincare, and what happens to all of it when you die.

Forget tupperware, cell phone cases, and books – Amazon has its eye on fashion.



McDonald’s employees are getting new uniforms and they’re…kind of cute!

Yep, the 80s are back but they’re a little cooler than last time.

If you’ve spent the last 20 years coveting Cher’s virtual closet from Clueless, well, your big day might be here; Gap is launching a system to let you “try on” clothes at home.

Girlboss, the TV show based on the controversial fashion retailer Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, premieres on NetFlix on Friday April 21st.

The Guy Grooming Gift Guide

Whether you know a guy who would never wash his hair if he didn’t have to (or yikes! maybe he doesn’t!), a guy who wouldn’t know the difference between using hand soap and the most luxurious shampoo that has gold flecks in it, or a guy who uses that luxurious shampoo with gold flecks…he could use a little something for his own beauty routine. We’ve got all the things you’ll need to put together the perfect box of grooming goodies for the men in your life.


Using high quality products is the best move to make if you want great hair…and who doesn’t love a great head of hair on a man? Of course, we’re all about Framesi here at AFH. It’s a family-owned business that uses excellent ingredients and doesn’t run too feminine nor too masculine. The Framesi BY line’s scent is designed by Tom Ford – meaning it will smell awesome without making you smell like a mountain or a flower.

We don’t offer a 3-in-1 product that covers shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but we do recommend picking up shampoo and conditioner for that guy. We have a range of options for which will work best with his hair. A gel is also a must have for a lot of men. I, for on,e can contend to the fact that my father consistently had an extra huge size bottle of weird, goopy hair gel while I was growing up and he still probably does. The gels we have are light, not goopy, and have great hold without making your hair feel like it’s made of plastic.

And finally, for guys with shorter hair that needs some texture and pieceyness, the best idea would be to grab a wax. A favorite among most of the men here at AFH is the BY Volcanic Wax. It’s a dryer wax that doesn’t make your hair look or feel wet or greasy. It’s easy to work with and still leaves your hair touchable.


jackblack2The beard is big among men right now. Whether it’s already reached critical level or it’s just surpassing stubble, it’s still hair and it shouldn’t neglected. And the thing is: there are options. Try a small set of something to see how he likes it! To start with, we have GOT BEARD? set from Jack Black has that beard covered. Start with the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser. It’s a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner that cleans and hydrates. Then grab the Beard Lube Conditioning Shave. Work it into the beard with your fingers and you can either rinse it out or leave a small layer behind to give that beard a soft and moisturized touch. Finally, finish it off with the MP 10 Nourishing Oil. Get a dime-size amount and massage it into the hair and to the face. It’ll help tame flyaways, moisturize, and help the skin stay flake-free (important in the winter!)

Most women understand the importance of keeping that skin hydrated but a lot of guys overlook that and leave their skin to the elements (which works for some people, but others…not so much!) Kiehl’s is an often sworn-by brand for women and getting their moisturization on and they’ve got the goods for guys, too! Pick up Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator to combat the appearance of oil while keeping that skin smooth and hydrated.


Scent can be a tricky one. If you already know what he likes, you’re in luck. If you’re not sure, you can always try to play it cool next time you’re both by the fragrance counter. Check some out for yourself and then wander into the men’s area and see what he likes. Go back later and buy it! Easy as that. Or, if you want him to have a little more fun with it and take his time, try picking up a cologne set. Sephora has a lot of great options – you can stick to one brand (just in case you’re a Calvin Klein loyalist or you’d really like a Burberry man) or you can grab a whole sampler set of the top men’s fragrances. And then, once he finds the one he likes and runs out, you’re all set for next year, birthdays, Father’s Day, just because days, etc.


Much like scent, this is also a tricky one. It all depends on how the man in question likes to shave – with a Gillette Triple Blade? With an old-school razor? With his grandfather’s old hunting knife without the use of a mirror? (Wow, if so!) The options are many and in this case, you might need to have some information. Why get a beard trimmer for a guy who never has a beard, right? So do some research and from there, work by the best brands. Both of these razors by Merkur get rave reviews for straight razors. If you want to get him a razor with a few blades, the Gillette Mach 3 is actually a lot of men’s favorite! And if you’re looking for a beard trimmer, have a look at Wahl trimmers. They have a variety of trimmer options and they’re a reliable brand, what more could you want?

And if you want to get him the products to go with the razors, have a look at The Art of Shaving (with a name like that, it seems like an obvious choice!) Try a starter kit by TAoS (unscented, sandalwood, lemon, and lavender) which includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after shave balm, and a shaving brush. And if he’s keeping some of that beard or moustasche, pick up some of this wax to keep that hair tamed!


Fear not, there are some options for helping your man stay (or start getting) groomed. Give him a gift that keeps on giving (for just about as long as you want) by ordering a subscription box for him!

birchboxBirchbox, price varies – he’ll get things like face wash, colognes, beard oil, flasks, shave cream, exfoliating bars, and maybe even some socks or a tie clip!

Dollar Shave Club, price varies – kind of like a gift card. He can opt for getting himself a subscription to any of the plans or he can go crazy and buy lots and lots of products!

Scent Trunk, $15/month – each month he’ll get three custom-selected scents to try out. Maybe he’ll want to keep switching it up or maybe he’ll find just the right one!

Wet Shave Club$29/month (for one month) all the way down to $19/month (for a one year subscription) – he can try different razors, different brushes, and an array of soaps and aftershave oils. It’s all about the wet shave and getting a super smooth face!


Is your guy a reader? Or does he maybe enjoy pictures of things? We can handle that. Maybe all of this is a bit daunting. A good direction to go might be a book about men’s grooming – it lets you give him a little nudge but also gives him the chance to explore what kind of grooming he might be into! TAoS offers a book by the same name as well as The Moustasche Grower’s Guide and Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Living the Beard-Free Life.

– Kaitie, THE Salon Coordinator