The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed and are worth a look!


In case you missed it, Kylie and Kim are collaborating on some new lipsticks. Some people are just plain excited and some people think it looks like bacon.

In case you’re trying to get your bath on but are tiring of LUSH’s scents (and are maybe overwhelmed by the hundreds of indie brands), Bath & Body Works is releasing bath bombs!

Ooh, take a peek at MAC’s Summer 2017 launch, Fruity Juicy (spoiler: it’s bright and covered in flowers)

Have you been neglecting Sephora’s own in-house cosmetic range? Stop! Here’s the best of the best!

Think you’ve seen every braid? Think again! This is some serious hair inspiration.

Our very own Jeremy Todd Abraham is featured on!

You could get your hair cut by a man with an axe. I’m not sure we recommend it but…you could.

Man bangs: are they the new thing or…have they always been there?!

So, you’ve been thinking about rose gold hair. But can you do it? Should  you do it? Well, see if any of these takes on the color wins you over.

Speaking of rose gold, “millenial pink is still having a moment.


Beauty brands, incubators, and accelerators: learn all about ’em.

The huge rise in Muslim vloggers and bloggers is fascinating and beautiful.


ESPRIT is so hot right now and if you’re looking for some pastels, well…get ready for this collection.

Here are some videos of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend acting out scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. We just want to be besties with both of them.

Some upcoming fashion brands you might want to get into so you can impress all your friends with how chic you are!

The Met Gala is coming up on May 1st. Here’s a look back at some Crazy with-a-capital-C outfits from past Galas

The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; really just all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed!


Celebs are loving going blonde and buzzing their hair

Natural hair is seriously having a moment and here are some gorgeous looks fresh from Coachella!

Need a giggle? We’re loving these uh…tutorials from Caroline Solomon (@lowcheekbones)!

We’re not saying Zendaya should give up her day job but she could totally do hair.

Coachella is bringing it this year with hair and makeup.

Over matte lips? Never into matte lips? Good news: metallic lips are all systems go and here are the best one’s according to Elle!

So what is Sephora’s best selling lipstick?

AFH highlight: this grey/ultra cool blonde before and after by Annie.

Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale ditched her textured bob and it looks goooood.

Bored of your Instagram feed or just wanting to up your game by following some more stylists? Jen Atkin has you covered.

If you’re looking for some spring + summer inspiration, look no further than L.A. for what cuts + colors are trending now.

Sephora is dropping the Urban Decay x Jean-Michele Basquiat collection a day early (just in time for the VIB sale!)


One of the original beauty bloggers, Michelle Phan, is back with an interview about her cosmetics line relaunch!

Rihanna’s busy auditioning artists for her new Fenty makeup line.

Feeling a little creepy? Check out this interview with L.A. mortician Amber Carvaly about embalming, makeup, skincare, and what happens to all of it when you die.

Forget tupperware, cell phone cases, and books – Amazon has its eye on fashion.



McDonald’s employees are getting new uniforms and they’re…kind of cute!

Yep, the 80s are back but they’re a little cooler than last time.

If you’ve spent the last 20 years coveting Cher’s virtual closet from Clueless, well, your big day might be here; Gap is launching a system to let you “try on” clothes at home.

Girlboss, the TV show based on the controversial fashion retailer Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, premieres on NetFlix on Friday April 21st.