Surviving with Style 2016 – Benefiting Cancer Pathways

An emotional day for AFH Salon as we helped

Cancer Survivors look their best for a Runway Show!


The 19th Annual Surviving with Style Fashion Show and Luncheon,

held May 10th at The Westin Seattle, was a huge success!

There were over 500 attendees and Cancer Pathways raised over $250,000 at this year’s event,

making it one of the most successful shows to date! Thank you to all who attended this inspiring event.

Funds raised enable Cancer Pathways to provide programs and services to those touched by cancer free of charge!


Behind the Scenes




IMG_8621Theresa Model



Huge Thank You to these three amazing makeup artists who donated their time to help out!IMG_8624


Check out the Behind the Scenes and Runway Show clips in our video on YouTube:


For more information on Cancer Pathways, please visit their website.  Thank you for reading and watching!



“GENDER FREE” – Framesi Spring Summer Collection 2016



Jeremy's Cut with text

Our own Jeremy Abraham, Framesi Italian Style Team, submitted a proposal that inspired this cut.

Gender Free5

“Flashing highlights across the fringe.” – Framesi


Gender Free updo

“The right balance between sweetness and strength.  In each proposal sharp lines complement soft volumes and allow the styling to transform the cut according to the actual desire.” – Framesi


Gender Free3

Natural looking colors cross the barriers between male and female in these inspired styles.


Gender Free4

This cut is dramatic in itself, but what makes it so dramatic is the combination of warm and cool tones. As a blonde, you don’t have to choose one or the other – combine both warm and cool for a great fashion forward look.

 “Gender Free is not only a fashion trend: it is the expression

of the cultural transformation modern society is going through.” – Framesi



Our upcoming fashion show on May 10, 2016, will be inspired by this collection.

Stay tuned to see our take on this elegant style!






Fashion Show and Luncheon

Westin, Seattle

May 10th, 2016

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Surviving with Style features cancer survivors celebrating life while modeling fashions from local boutiques. Funds raised enable them to provide services at no cost to anyone in the community touched by cancer. Please join us for this fun and inspiring event.


“TRAVEL ATTITUDE” – Framesi Spring Summer 2016 Collection




with font



“Sensual femininity in this pixie with the tousled fringe.” – Framesi




“The summer look wants slightly wavy locks with flipped out ends for the renewed bob” – Framesi



This summer isn’t about achieving a perfect sleek bob – have some fun flipping out the ends of your hair while creating movement and interest with waves.


travel mens

When styling, try using a diffuser to enhance curl.



This summer we are seeing warmer tones such as copper, gold and red.


Travel updo

“The ponytail is always in fashion, especially in summertime. This new ponytail performs a modern and fresh silhouette by combining a knot effect with a long two tiered pony.”

Travel 5

“Small metal accessories and loose pieces complement the updo.” – Italian Style Framesi



Our upcoming fashion show on May 10, 2016, will be inspired by this collection.

Stay tuned to see our take on this elegant style!







Fashion Show and Luncheon

Westin, Seattle

May 10th, 2016

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Surviving with Style features cancer survivors celebrating life while modeling fashions from local boutiques. Funds raised enable them to provide services at no cost to anyone in the community touched by cancer. Please join us for this fun and inspiring event.




Spring/Summer Trends Inspired by Coachella 2016

If you’ve been in Seattle the last week, you’ve been enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  We are excited at the prospect of summer weather and took a look at some styles we found at the first weekend of Coachella 2016.  Inspire your closet and hair this spring/summer!!



Denim from head to toe!  Break the rules and wear that denim jacket with your favorite jeans.



Sheer Lace is in!  These lace dresses give you the perfect bohemian vibe.



Denim is acceptable in all forms – casual or dressy, don’t be afraid of the denim! On those hot days, show off that fabulous tan in a head to toe white jumpsuit.



Keep your hair back in the heat while still looking chic!  These fabulous braids are called “Boxer Braids”.



Another great way to pull your hair back and be fun and carefree – Double Buns! Want even more fun? Add glitter to your favorite hair gel and apply to your roots!

Keep up on our blog for more fashion trends, tips, and hair secrets!

Liberate your hair (and yourself)!

Dating back to bible verses, a woman’s hair has been tangled up in the idea of her identity and femininity. Long, flowing hair is still considered royal and delicate. It’s not surprising considering the first women to employ hairdressers were nobles who could afford to have their hair tended – think Marie Antoinette. Since then, the physical and symbolic connection of women and their hair has inspired trends and movements challenging and redefining the notion of femininity – and inspiring women to explore their identities and individualism. Let’s take a look at a few of these moments in time.


The Bob


Women joined the workforce during World War I and cut off their hair because it was safer for working conditions. This is when the bob first gained popularity in the US. After men returned from war, women kept their hair short and took to the streets to fight for their right to vote. Physically, it was a shift towards something practical, but the bob symbolically represented a shift towards more equality between the sexes and the separation of what a woman “should” look like with what women wanted.







roberta flack afro

Singer Roberta Flack


Natural hair


The issue of hair and what a woman’s hair should or should not look like extends to all cultures. For cultures which have experienced European colonization, hair has been colonized as well. Sleek, straight hair is the norm and kinky, textured hair is the “other.” Women have been pressured to relax their hair to fit the status quo of European beauty for years and the idea of going natural is akin to social suicide. Musical artists and prominent figures like _____ in the 60s brought the afro to prominence. Since then, going natural has been slowly moving to mainstream and many young people are making the switch.





Bald ?

Okay, this is a personal one. My mother always insisted I wear my hair long and, as my stylist, had the ultimate say in how much hair remained on my head. I loved my long hair, but eventually wanted something short. My mom refused to do it. I found a hairdresser who would and she cut my hair into some sort of mullet. In retrospect, it was not the best haircut, but I was in love with the feeling of deciding how I would present my hair to the world.



Buzzed Diana

During the summer of 2013, I faced a bout of depression. During that time, in the days I spent not getting out of bed, I found an open letter written by Jada Pinkett Smith about her daughter, Willow, shaving her head and the criticism she faced for “letting” her daughter do that. Her response stated that Willow’s hair and body are her own and she gets to decide what she does with it. That same day, I made an appointment with the hip hair salon around the corner. I went in the next day and asked for a Bob Dylan-esque ‘do, “but I kind of want to buzz it.” My stylist encouraged me to follow what I really wanted. And I did. And I loved it. I shaved my head and I found a brand new feeling – wind in my scalp. I found beauty in experiencing something totally new, and in myself. I felt powerful. During a time when my own brain didn’t feel like it belonged to me, buzzing my hair liberated me. I was reminded that I belong only to myself – at least when I looked in the mirror.


 Own it!

Hair is the one accessory you don’t take off. Just like the accessories you choose to wear, they are a reflection of your lifestyle and identity. Instead of seeing hair as a part of some status quo of beauty, we should embrace it as we do jewelry or handbags – something fun, something we admire and something we love to show off. The sooner we can get to a point of loving ourselves (from long, flowing locks or afro or bald head to toe), the sooner we can focus on issues like equalizing pay between the sexes. Ladies, here’s to you and whatever you choose to do with your hair!


-Diana Rocha
AFH Salon Coordinator

Seeing the Silver Lining: A Bride’s Generosity Inspires a City

By now, almost all of Seattle has heard Dana Olsen’s story.  In case you haven’t, here it goes…
She was engaged to her high school sweetheart. After a relationship of 10 years, he cancelled the wedding just a month before the event and dumped her. Anyone who has thrown a wedding knows this is in the nonrefundable period. They had the venue paid for, catering, music and 250 guests invited. Instead of letting it all go to waste, Dana and her mom (who helped her plan the wedding) decided to make something good of this unfortunate situation. They donated the entire wedding to Mary’s Place – a shelter for women, families and children.

dana cohen

Dana Cohen and her mother

Mary’s Place provides support services for homeless families in Seattle. They provide night shelters, day centers with hygiene, shower and laundry services. They provide housing and employment services, medical care and hot meals for its families. The families who receive help from Mary’s Place do not usually enjoy the luxury of relaxation, much less partying, which made this event even more special – an evening to enjoy dinner together, dance and have fun!

ali hair

Charlotte Wheelock, employment coordinator for Mary’s Place, gets her hair done by a few stylists, including Ali Schneider, left, an apprentice at AFH Salon, and Gloria, at the Mary’s Place Family Center before a special donated event Saturday. (Lindsey Wasson/The Seattle Times)

After receiving word from the bride that she would donate an entire wedding party, Mary’s Place contacted us and asked if we would participate in getting families ready for their big night. We joined other stylists and makeup artists from our community to glam up women and children. Their smiles were infectious,  the spirit was light and everyone was excited for the party!


annie hair

Annie works with another stylist to get this young girl ready for the big party at SoDo Park!

As they say: it takes a village. That’s why we love to participate in community events where we can take care of people, especially people who otherwise spend their lives taking care of others. From the bride who donated her wedding to the stylists who donated their time to the employees of Mary’s Place, we all have a space to provide care and compassion. This was a really special day to be part of, and we’re thankful for the opportunity.


This isn’t the first time we work with Mary’s Place. Annie has volunteered to cut hair at the downtown shelter before, we are always collecting toiletries to be donated to the organization and we recently participated in Runway to Freedom – a runway show and concert fundraiser for Mary’s Place. We will continue to accept donations for Mary’s Place. From now until February 12th, in addition to toiletries, we will be accepting men/women/children-sized underwear, shoes, socks, tampons, bras, toothbrushes, travel mugs, snacks (granola bars, chocolate bars), lip balm, nail polish, reusable grocery bags. This Valentine’s Day, let’s show these families some love!

Mary’s Place website lists items they are always in need of, and we’re happy to accept smaller items (think tote bag size or smaller) for a Valentine’s Day drop.


Golden Globes (and why we care)

golden globes

Why do hairstylists love watching award shows? In my house, the Golden Globes are considered the play off game for the big game AKA the Oscars.

I’ll start with the fashion. The celebs who attend these shows and red carpets wear looks with colors and designs forecasted for next season’s collections. Some of the biggest names in fashion create custom garments for nominees. My personal favorite is the vintage pieces that stroll down the runway. On top of customized looks by clothing designers, jewelry designers work closely with celebrity stylists, too, and make sure they really shine bright.


How does this influence hair and makeup? The fashion and beauty we see on red carpets always lives a season or two ahead. As artists, these award shows allow us to see the looks designers and stylists choose to debut their collections. The shapes and colors of fashion are very influential to the shapes of haircuts as well as color trends. This is easier to understand if you think of decades past. Take the 80s for example: shoulder pads with a cinched waist translated to hair as sharp angles in layers as well as hair lengths with severe angles.

80s hair men

Makeup of the 80s featured bold colors with sharp lines, geometric shapes and no blending.

80s makeup

The lines and shapes of clothing can be a direct interpretation or a contradiction to create softness.

So, when we watch award shows now, we are really getting a peek into the fashion world’s future. When the runway shows are a wrap and award season is over, you’ll notice all of your favorite stores carrying the colors + shapes in wearable pieces.

Some popular colors at this weekend’s Golden Globes were deep blues, white and the big color for spring- blush. You can always expect to see some metallic & red gowns- forever a hit on the carpets. Cutouts are changing locations but not going away anytime soon. I noticed more full skirts and higher necklines this season. After this weekend, I look forward to seeing how these styles evolve by Oscar time!



A few Favs and personal opinions..



JLo (This color is hard to pull off unless, of course, you are JLO. Hair was underwhelming- pulled back and sleek would have been gorg with the high neckline)


Kate Winslet (head-to-toe Hollywood glam! She has a great team who never disappoints.)


Taraji P Henson (White HOT! The lines of the dress with her curves and complemented by loose waves in her hair = winner!)


Jennifer Lawrence (Red with cutouts all in the right places. JLaw does a great job of looking her age and having fun with fashion)

HAIR: Because you shouldn’t wear your everyday hair to a red carpet!

k wins hair

Kate Winslet (Nothing says glam like a regal upstyle with soft movement. It uplifts the face and shows off the lines of her gown.)

jlaw hair

Jenifer Lawrence (Smooth, fresh and I loved her hair up with that statement necklace)


jmoore makeup


Julianne Moore (Less is more and flawless glowing skin is timeless)


Jaimie Alexander (This newcomer rocked the carpet in her bold gown and her makeup made all the right features pop)


cate blanchy

Cate Blanchett (Always a hit. Hollywood royalty look to her for inspiration)

kate wins trophy

Kate Winslet (She belongs on all the best lists  – see above)


Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Tatum

Channing and Jenna Tatum (Mr. Tatum, not our fav haircut, but still think you’re great)


Sylvester Stallone and his lady #squad (Gorgeous family and a handsome, well dressed Sly – a well deserved night of celebrating his contributions to film)


That’s a wrap on the globes, now we wait for the Oscars!

AFH Salon Owner/Stylist

Good times, good cheer and happy new year!


All of us at AFH SALON want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2015.  In 2016, we will bring more changes and growth that we are excited to share with you!

We invite you to visit our website which has been updated with photos of recent  hair competitions we participated  in and community events. Our site will continue to provide information about what AFH Salon is up to and how we give back throughout the year.  Our blog (which you’re reading right now!), “Thoughts from a stylist/perspective from behind the chair” will give tips, tricks and seasonal trends. Our website allows you to book online* as well as look up future appointments. Social media is another great way to stay in the loop, AFH is on FACEBOOK  + INSTAGRAM.

*If appointment times you desire are not found online, we recommend calling the salon for assistance.

Click here to visit out website –> AFH Salon


The 2015 Northwest Hairstyling Awards/Seattle Style Night

Annie Fisher, seeing clients Tuesdays + Thursdays – Saturdays.
Jeremy Abraham, seeing clients Wednesdays – Saturdays.
Kelsey Knutson, seeing clients Tuesdays – Saturdays. 

*For pricing, please contact the salon directly.  Our website offers only base prices of the salon and are not reflective of each stylist. 

Backstage at Runway To Freedom 6. Annie Fisher was the lead stylist for the show  and the AFH team contributed to the looks too.

Backstage at Runway To Freedom 6. Annie Fisher was the lead stylist for the show and the AFH team contributed to the looks too.

Learn more about the mission and join us this year in supporting Mary’s Place – Runway to Freedom

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Runway to Freedom 6 – Doing more than hair for Mary’s Place

Every day, I get to see the team of stylists at AFH help people transform themselves through compassion, care and, of course, styling. Our salon isn’t just a place for guests to get their hair done, but a space to let their hair down – to be vulnerable, to relax and to be taken care of. We understand the importance of a safe haven, and we believe every person – woman, man or child – deserves security because that is where truth and transformation happen. That’s why we got involved with Runway to Freedom and Mary’s Place.

 Runway to Freedom is an annual event benefiting Mary’s Place – a shelter for women and families escaping domestic violence. The event features musical performances, runway shows, a live auction and speakers sharing their personal connection to domestic violence. This year, for Runway to Freedom 6, Annie headed the hairstyling team. Working with designers, event coordinators and the makeup head, she developed looks that would make each collection coherent.



The hair community came together for this event. Stylists from AFH and other Seattle salons worked together to bring collections to life.

And makeup artists from around Seattle created complementary looks.

blue face

This is what community looks like – every stylist, designer, makeup artist and model involved in the event volunteered their time for this great cause.

the room

Roy Fisher, MA LMFT, AFH co-owner and visionary, spoke about his work and experiences in the domestic violence field.


 After the live auction and musical performances came the moment we all came together for: the runway!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the night, Runway to Freedom 6 raised $70,000 for Mary’s Place!

Thanks in large part to this group of people.
These are the  event leads who worked all year long to bring Runway to Freedom together – Annie Fisher (hair) and Rick Toth (makeup) on the right!

stage bow

Mary’s Place serves homeless women and families. They are always accepting assistance in the form of donations and volunteers. There are lots of opportunities to get involved – from leading a class to hosting a fundraiser party to assistance with housing applications – and more! To learn more about the services and opportunities Mary’s Place provides, and how you can make a difference, please check out their website here.

AFH Salon is always collecting unused travel and full sized toiletries for Mary’s Place. Drop off any time during business hours!

To learn more about Runway to Freedom and how you can join the community next year, click here.

Salon Coordinator

“I don’t know what to do with my hair today” Hairstyle


With the weather getting hotter, and my hair longer, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to put it up.  At the same time, I’m sick and tired of the simple ponytail and the dreaded sock bun (rest in peace).  Below is a step-by-step guide in achieving this textured messy bun. The braid in front is perfect for getting bangs or layers secured and adding some flair to an otherwise simple hairdo.

kelsey products

Products used:

-BY Framesi Volcanic Wax
-BY Framesi Mist Hairspray Light (Pearl)
-BY Framesi SO Stiff Spray
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties (2)
-Rattail comb
-Blow dryer (optional)

 Brush it out!




Brush out your hair. Blow dry if needed (yes, dry your dry hair).  This will move around the oils you naturally produce and help direct the hair away from your face.









Separate the top section of hair that will be braided.  Using your fingers, trace a line from your brow arc stopping right before the top of your head.

Ponytail the rest of the hair back to keep it separated while you braid.












The top section can be braided however you like. I chose to do a Dutch braid (inside out, visible, cornrow, whatever the hip people call it). Braid down and fasten, keeping in mind we will be “messing up” the braid, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.










Begin pulling the sides of the braid to make it bigger and more textured. I like to start at the front and work my way back.









I like to use BY Volcanic Wax to smooth those pesky baby hairs, add some texture, and for the matte finish (I don’t need any more help in the shine department with my third day hair). Using the wax, smooth and tuck baby hairs, and add texture to the braid.










Now form the ponytail, combing back with your fingers and keeping the braid out for now.
Make sure to look at the ponytail height from the front and side. Imagine drawing a diagonal line from your chin to the top of your ponytail, this will help elongate the neck and create a beautiful line from the side.





Secure the ponytail without the braid. If you have shorter hair, the pieces in the back might not reach the ponytail – we’ll deal with these later.  Tighten from the underside of the ponytail instead of from the top to keep it from moving down.









I have super straight, thick hair, so I use BY Pearl Light Hairspray to add grit and flexible hold to my ponytail.
[A quick note on this hairspray: it’s the bomb. Use it as a heat protectant before hot tools, to smooth down hairs, or to add texture to finish a style.] Okay, back to the ponytail. Once it’s sprayed, take a rattail comb and begin teasing the hair in sections. Again, the goal is to add some texture, so tease the whole hair strand instead of just the root (avoid the “bump it” look circa 2009).





Wrap the braid around the ponytail and form the bun with your fingers.  Secure with a rubberband. Feel free to tuck in or pull out sections so the bun is balanced and full.












Now, if you’re like me, you probably have some hairs hanging down in the back at this point – and maybe they resemble a rattail. Shake your head so all of the short hairs fall down.  Take some BY Volcanic Wax and twist hairs up toward the bun. Use bobby pins to secure.









Finish with BY So Stiff Hairspray so things stay put.





th end

And now you know what to do with your hair today! 😉


Kelsey Knutson
AFH Salon Stylist

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