AFH Salon, a salon for generations, invites you to follow us on our journey “thoughts from a stylist/perspective from behind the chair”.

Over the course of many years I dreamt and planned on how AFH Salon would come together. The vision always started with a team that treated each other like family.  An environment of positivity and encouragement where creativity could flourish. As my plan continued to grow, it was important to me for people to have a safe place where our guests could be vulnerable with their personal beauty goals. AFH would meet people where they are in any season of their life. AFH would be the place to have your wedding style created, your baby’s first haircut or transition through an illness. Lastly on the journey to opening, I realized the importance of being part of the local community. Madison Valley is a beautiful, urban suburb, with great parking and walkability. I chose this neighborhood based on the need for a salon of our caliber and the number of small businesses we are surrounded by. These mostly women owned businesses, have welcomed AFH into the community by collaborating on charity events, client appreciation events and referring to each other.  I knew our salon and exclusive Italian products would be well received and appreciated in the valley.

Here’s what you can expect from “thoughts from behind the chair.” AFH’s stylists and even the salon coordinators will have an opportunity to sound off on trends, tricks and their individual perspectives.

AFH is a salon where creativity and passion drives us!

As AFH continues to grow and cultivate this culture, I thank you for being part of our ongoing success.

Annie Fisher

NWHA 2017

The NorthWest Hairstylist Awards of 2017

AFH Salon: Spain


Some of the AFH team and stylist, Kim Brooks

This year, we celebrated the 4th annual fashion show for The NorthWest Hairstyling Awards down in Soho, Seattle WA. The show has been held every year in coming together to honor and give recognition to talented and eye-catching hair stylists from the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The AFH team was excited to not only have our very own owner and full-time stylist, Annie Fisher as a nominee for Master Hairstylist of the Year, but as well as our fellow beloved hair stylist and new mother, Theresa Leon being nominated for Avant-Garde Hairstylist of the Year.

And you can’t even imagine how ecstatic we were when not one, but both of our fabulous team members took home both awards for the night!

The award show has created a space to allow artists from the greater city areas of these Northwest states and appreciate all works of talent from photography, make up artists, fashion designers, models and hair dressers. While only a select few are nominated for the award aspect of the show, the salons who represent those are amongst the candidates are chosen to participate in the fashion show and given the outlet to create a hair style for a particular theme. The theme this year was “Countries Around the World,” to which AFH was thrilled to be honoring the strength, beauty and culture that is Spain. 


Collaborated work of Theresa Leon and Kennedy Trisler 



Lorenzo Sumera’s Spanish Renaissance look 











Each stylist of the salon was given the opportunity to branch out of their bubble and create their very own look for the show. From traditional, Flamenco, ancient warrior, royalty, Matador and celebrating the looks of infamous holiday Day of the Dead, the team show up and showed out for this years theme.

Many talented and generous collaborators helped out this year in bringing each stylists vision to life. During the day of preparation, Kendall Cooprider, Cass Bledsoe and Erin Roussell did a fantastic job of make up for each model. Kim Brooks, executed the wardrobe lovely, as always, and captured the essences of Spain through modern, chic clothing from brands such as, Nasty Gal, Lunaversoul Jewelry, Julie Danforth, etc. The salon was even able to work with new and returning models for this year show, including Osheea Davis, Michelle Green, Nancy Casciano and more.

Months prior to the event, our team prepared and practiced their looks outside of the salon. Some of them working together or solely to make their imaginations and vision come to life. One of the many looks done for the night was mastered by Theresa Leon (nominee and winner of the Avant-Garde award) and our newest full-time stylist, Kennedy Trisler. For their collaborative look, the two went for a masculine, yet soft Matador look, creating a feminine, sexy and powerful feel to the female Matador. A sleek ponytail, Spanish Rosary as an accent piece, and an athletic, casual yet high fashion outfit meshed perfectly and honored their theme choice with a simple but striking look that embodied the Spanish woman.



Jeremy Abraham’s traditional Spanish look

Lorenzo Sumera, senior stylist and a Framesi color educator went for a royal Spanish look for this years fashion show. Since there is no longer any running royalty lineage in the modern world of today, Lorenzo had to gain inspiration from historical depictions of their once royal aesthetic. “I gathered inspiration from The Spanish Royals during the Renaissance era. They would use a lot of wraps to embellished their braids – I kept it simple and modern, using make-up and specific clothing to honor the Renaissance time with a twist of the modern woman.”

For AFH’s “Day of the Dead” look, contrast was key in creating this venturous, beautiful holiday costume. This came to be by playing with the texture, clean shapes and customizing the placement of the flowers within the hair – it all tied together with two applications of the traditional make-up and a black dress that mimicked fake black roses to honor the Spanish theme.



 “Day of the Dead” 

But the electric wave of creativity and inspiration did not stop there, and each one of our stylists took the fashion show by storm. It was such a humbling and adrenaline of thankfulness to be a part of not only a wonderful moment in appreciation for talent, but to also be amongst a group of gifted hairstylists.

Katie Ward, Salon Coordinator

Annie Fisher, profile

Master Hairstylist of 2017:

Annie Fisher




It has been a world wind of fun, talent and honor these past few months for the AFH team and our very own, Annie Fisher! After taking home the award of Master Hairstylist of the year – we can only expect so much more success to come.

As many of you may know, Annie is a full-time stylist and owner of AFH Salon, located in the quant center of Madison Valley in Seattle, WA. The win for her was well expected after being nominated for the award 3 years in a row and our team couldn’t be more proud. 

This year of the 4th annual NorthWest Hairstyling Awards to honor hairstylists, make up artists, fashion designers, models and photographers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Salons around the greater city areas of these states are chosen to participate and come together in celebration through hair show competition and fashion show.


IMG_0562 (1)






For this year, Fisher went 3 different models with a cohesive theme of:  beauty- strength- and a monochromatic palette. Embodying the vibe  of the Game of Thrones character, Khaleesi.


IMG_0561                               IMG_0560



After creating each look on her own with both cut and color for all 3 of the model’s hairs, it was easy to recruit who was to join her on set. Joining her on the set for her pieces, Annie was able to collaborate with long time business and close friends with James Chang for photography, Kim Brooks on wardrobes, and Cass Bledsoe completing the look with make-up. Locals models featured in Fisher’s looks were Erika, Anya and Hayley. Fisher was even welcomed by her daughter, Taelor helping as a set assistant and followed by another of our own full-time stylist, Kennedy Trisler.

“I am so grateful for the industry friends who collaborated with me to help make my vision come to life.” Annie Fisher




IMG_3727 IMG_3749

Each hair piece was finished before the day of shooting and with outfit choice and make up, Fisher was able to make her visions comes to life. Not only creating each look, she also worked alongside the directing of what she envisioned for each photo and collaborated with each stylist.


Without the help and support of colleagues, friends and clients, this journey wouldn’t of been half as fun and challenging as it came. Taking the time out of her busy schedule of both running and working at the salon, Annie was able to channel her creative energy and gracefully complete all the looks in one day.






Katie Ward, AFH Salon Coordinator

AFH Salon July-November Newsletter!

IMG_3360 (1)Our books are open for the month of November and December! Appointments fill up fast around the holidays, so don’t wait to book. Call us at 206-329-2719 or book online 24/7!

Holiday closures at the salon are as follows…

Closed November 23rd and 24th
Closed December 24th to the 28th
Closed December 31st and January 1st

joceoYou might recognize our new apprentice…

Jocelyn is officially taking part in the apprenticeship program at AFH. She will be assisting and training with Annie, Jeremy, and Lorenzo so that she can start taking clients of her own in the not-so-distant future!


A triumphant return!t

A big welcome back to Theresa! She has returned from maternity leave (baby Elena is doing well and is too cute for words) and is in the salon on Fridays and Saturdays. Be sure to schedule your appointments with her soon!


New kid on the block

Kennedy is nearing completion of the apprenticeship program at AFH! She is available for cuts, blowouts + styling, and treatments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It won’t be long before she’s behind the chair full time and available for color services. Congratulations Kennedy!


AFH Salon is participating in two amazing events this fall!

The 4th Annual Seattle Style Night + Northwest Hairstyling Awards will be taking place in October!
Annie Fisher has been nominated for Master Hairstylist of the Year and Theresa Leon has been nominated for Avant Garde Artist of the Year. Congratulations!
We can’t wait to see the work they produce and to take part in such a creative and fabulous night of style.

AFH is thrilled to be a sponsor and to be working as the exclusive hair styling team for the 20th Annual Surviving with Style Gala in October!
All funds from the gala will go toward supporting the men, women, teens, and children who have been affected by cancer.
Tickets are available through Cancer Pathways (formerly Gilda’s Club). It will be night of good fun and good cause.


And finally…


August 20th marks the fourth birthday for AFH Salon! Thank you to our clients for supporting us, thank you to our staff for being so passionate and all-around wonderful, and thank you to Annie for your vision and for creating such a uniquely amazing space!

Here’s to many more years to come!

The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed and are worth a look!


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The Weekly Round-Up

The Internet is big and there sure is a lot to look at and read. So, here’s the weekly round-up of essays, trending topics, our favorite looks; really just all things beauty and fashion that you might have missed!


Celebs are loving going blonde and buzzing their hair

Natural hair is seriously having a moment and here are some gorgeous looks fresh from Coachella!

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AFH highlight: this grey/ultra cool blonde before and after by Annie.

Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale ditched her textured bob and it looks goooood.

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Forget tupperware, cell phone cases, and books – Amazon has its eye on fashion.



McDonald’s employees are getting new uniforms and they’re…kind of cute!

Yep, the 80s are back but they’re a little cooler than last time.

If you’ve spent the last 20 years coveting Cher’s virtual closet from Clueless, well, your big day might be here; Gap is launching a system to let you “try on” clothes at home.

Girlboss, the TV show based on the controversial fashion retailer Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, premieres on NetFlix on Friday April 21st.

The New Framesi Smoothing Treatment

We’re so excited to introduce and launch the new smoothing treatment from Framesi here at AFH Salon. We’ve tried a lot of different smoothing treatments over the years – a lot of you have been in to have them done! The reason we’re so thrilled about this particular treatment is that it aligns with our values: client safety, stylist safety, environmental safety, and it’s compatible with the Framesi products we use in the salon.

But what does it do? What does smoothing even mean when it comes to hair? Here are all the details on what the treatment does:

– fights frizz
– nourishes and repairs hair
– keeps hair hydrated, shiny, and conditioned
– protects hair from humidity and external agents

This treatment will give you 12 weeks or longer of smooth, frizz-free results with proper care. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, and DEA. And there’s no formaldehyde added!

If you struggle with frizz, out of control curl, or damaged/over-processed hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and leave your locks shiny and manageable with body and bounce.

If your hair is very curly, you’ll receive enhanced curl/wave with the reduction of your frizz. If your hair is wavy or straight, you’ll experience smoother, shinier hair that will require less styling time.

Interested? Use our online booking style or call us at 206-329-2719 to book a complimentary consultation with any of our certified stylists to find out if this service is right for you and your hair.

FullSizeRender (1)

Annie Fisher: Artist and Philanthropist

ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY: http://madisonvalley.org/

Annie Fisher: Artist and Philanthropist


“We do hair exclusively here,” Annie explains during our conversation. Well, perhaps that’s all that happens in her beautiful salon, but Annie Fisher’s work extends way past those walls.

Annie opened her salon AFH several years ago in the enviable space on MLK Jr Way next door to Essential Bakery. She felt her way through several locations and established salons before settling into Madison Valley. “It was a most deliberate choice,” said Annie. She was attracted to the sense of community in both the neighborhood and business groups. She is an asset to the Madison Valley Merchant Association, volunteering to participate in several activities. She has been especially helpful organizing the holiday lighting along Madison Street during the winter months. The salon maintains a collection of business cards for their customers as a referral service to other local services.




Annie became interested in hair styling at a tender age while practicing on her Barbie dolls and little sister. She worked her way through college as a rep for the Italian hair product company Framesi. The company, which offers high quality all natural products, became her career path. She has been a stylist, educator and independent consultant for over 20 years and uses Framesi products exclusively in her salon.

The philosophical goal at the salon is the discovery of one’s personal beauty that will enhance that person’s positive sense of self. “This is a safe place,” asserts Annie. “It’s a come as you are environment.”

Annie extends this philosophy into her many philanthropic endeavors. She is a volunteer at Mary’s Place, a homeless shelter here in Seattle. Additionally, she feels a special mission to serve women experiencing cancer and focuses her energy with Cancer Pathways (formerly Gilda’s Club).

With Cancer Pathways, Annie participates in the annual Surviving With Style fundraising event and is a supporter of the kids/teens Camp Sparkle. Her husband participates in the Driving Out Golf Tournament. Annie will make home visits assisting women to maintain their sense of beauty while they are in treatment. It is easy to perceive her commitment and passion to this valuable work when she describes these activities.

On the home front at the salon, Annie supervises her apprentice program for new stylists learning about the Framesi products and their applications. She deliberately keeps the salon staff on the small side to create a family environment. Her goal is to provide a comfortable place to nurture an emerging artist’s creativity.

AFH Salon is a full service salon.

For information about the many services you may visit the website:

To follow her various philanthropic activities you may find her on:
Facebook: Annie Fisher Hair.

Annie collects complimentary hotel toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions and soaps to donate to Mary’s Place. You may bring your contributions to the salon for an easy drop off location.

Thank you, Annie for your many contributions to our community!

AFH Salon, A Year in Review 2016

2016, how sweet it was.
Congratulations to our Sr. Stylist  and Framesi Educator, Jeremy!
Jeremy was nominated by his peers and created this beautiful piece of art. Jeremy won the Avant Garde Stylist of the year.
Receiving this award is a well deserved honor and we are proud to celebrate him and his talent.
AFH is a proud sponsor to various organizations in the Seattle area.  We believe in sharing our time and talents to serve our community.
Our team gives back throughout the year by cutting hair at Mary’s place, collecting unused beauty products to donate to local shelters, and styling hair for runway shows to benefit local non-profits. As a team we are committed to serving together.  These are a few of our local partnerships.
Follow us on our blog and social media to see photos.
AFH Salon
You can book online
Give us a call
Our Salon Hours are:
Tuesday 9:00am – 6:00pm
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Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
*Our books are open and stylists are scheduling appointments through May 2017.
*AFH is also booking wedding parties for 2017.
AFH Salon celebrated 3 years in business in 2016 and we are excited for what 2017 will bring. We are are grateful to call Madison Valley home with all of the great small businesses we share community with. To stay in the know about what’s going on in the valley click here:
THANK YOU to each one of you who consider AFH your salon home and continue to refer your friends and family.

Yelp reviews help others find us. Share your love of your hair and let the world know why you love your stylist and AFH Salon.
Heck, add a selfie too!
Thank you in advance for taking time to write a review.

Runway to Freedom 7 – Benefiting Mary’s Place

 At AFH we believe in serving the community by sharing our time and talents.

We understand a haircut can help change a person’s perspective and the way they see themselves. Mary’s Place has been a refuge for families and we are proud to have provided services and donate beauty products. Our most recent way to help was volunteering for Runway to Freedom.

Runway to Freedom is committed to empowering survivors of domestic violence by funding local organizations that provide individuals and families with the education and resources needed to get out of dangerous situations and start living healthy lives. Since 2010, Runway to Freedom has been raising awareness and funds for local domestic violence programs through social media and our annual fashion show, live auction, and raffle.

Money raised during the auction and donations for Runway to Freedom 7 benefitted Mary’s Place, a local shelter that empowers homeless women and children to reclaim their lives. Too often domestic violence puts women in the position of choosing between continued abuse and homelessness. Mary’s Place offers these women safe shelter and the emotional support and services they need.

Annie Fisher
AFH Salon



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In continuation of our support for Mary’s Place, AFH Salon accepts toiletry donations year round.


In continuation of our support for Mary’s Place, AFH Salon accepts toiletry donations year round.

AFH Salon does haircuts for the women and children staying at Mary’s Place throughout the year.

AFH Salon donated 10% of all sales made on October 28, 2016.

We donated 150 Framesi BY Shampoos and 150 Framesi BY Conditioners for theVIP swag bags at RTF.

We look forward to supporting Mary’s Place again throughout 2017.

Summer Updates and Announcements


Thank you for making AFH your Salon home!

AFH’s dedicated stylists will provide education on how to achieve the style you want and how to maintain that look.  AFH will help you transition through any season in life.
Each lifestyle is unique and your hair should be a reflection of that.  Hair is the one accessory you don’t take off and should look great with any outfit, during any season!  A salon for generations- AFH is committed to providing an experience based on more than a haircut.

AFH Salon celebrates our 3rd birthday this August!

Our growth and success this far is based on the commitment of our team to their education + YOU sharing us with your friends and family. The referrals to your stylist and all the kind words written online through Yelp, Google, and Social media reviews are SO appreciated.
Celebrating year #1!!! #afhsalonmadisonvalley #seattlehair

Please continue to refer your stylist, write reviews and help us make Year 3 our best yet!

Northwest Hairstyling Awards

October 4, 2016

Our team has received nominations for the 3rd year in a row!
The AFH Team is returning in this year’s runway show and will be presenting a creative segment.
Winners will be announced at the show.
Congrats to Annie, Jeremy and Kelsey for being nominated!
Smaller banner

Runway to Freedom 7

November 4, 2016

giving back…. 
Runway to Freedom (RTF) is an annual fashion show, live auction and musical event dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence by supporting Mary’s Place.  Through their programs we will empower survivors of domestic violence to gain stability and to educate the general public about the effects of domestic violence.
Annie Fisher will be returning as the lead Stylist for Runway to Freedom 7. The entire AFH team will be working back stage volunteering. This year we are styling models, kiddos and domestic violence survivors for the show.
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